Empowering People Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Welcome To My MBC & ME

Empowering people living with metastatic breast cancer

My MBC & Me is a mobile app that empowers people living with metastatic breastcancer (MBC) to better manage their treatment and communication with their care team. It provides disease and treatment information, personalized reminders, and tracks appointments, medication, treatment history, side effects, and symptoms. A questionnaire helps users outline their priorities and goals to refine treatment choices and their information processing and communication style. My MBC & Me allows users to upload and pin their research, notes, voice memos, and questions directly to calendar appointments, promoting more productive doctors appointments and enhanced patient self-advocacy.

Who We Are

Our Mission is to create and sustain a supportive community of women affected by breast or ovarian cancer.

Powerful Features

Whole-person decision-making between people with metastatic breast cancer and their doctors.

My Story
Reflect on your priorities and what you need from your care team
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My Schedule
See your appointments, treatments, and symptoms month by month
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My Notes
Identify treatment goals. Log any research, notes, questions. Attach them to your appointments.
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My Treatments
Easily track your medications and side effects to easily communicate with your doctor.
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Track, Learn, and Schedule

Reflect on what makes you, you.

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Sync and Track
The calendar component tracks appointments, side effects, treatment regimens during and between appointments.
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Enhance Appointments
Attach information you’ve collected or recorded to specific appointments so that at the time of appointment, you have an interface with a reminder of all the information you need to discuss with your care team.
Inform Decisions
By combining your goals, treatment, and side effects, medical professionals can better customize treatment plans to your specific needs as a patient.

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